Group Facilitator

Debra Nussbaum

Debra Nussbaum is manager of projects on language development and communication support at the Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center at Gallaudet University.  This includes coordination of their Cochlear Implant Education Center (CIEC).  She earned her Master’s Degree in Audiology from George Washington University and has worked at the Clerc Center since 1977; first as a pediatric audiologist and then managing projects related to language and communication for children who are deaf or hard of hearing. She has spearheaded national efforts in exploring and sharing considerations for facilitating listening and spoken language for children who also use sign (including children with cochlear implants).  She has developed numerous resource materials and professional training workshops, and speaks nationally on this topic. She has been chair of the DC Hears Intervention Committee since 2001, where she has coordinated early intervention supports in the District of Columbia’s newborn infant screening program. 


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    Hope you are doing well!
  • Thanks for your thoughts...
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